It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone.
~A. Bartlett Giamatti

eBay Roundup
Alden’s shell cordovan shoes have been on my mind a lot lately, which is why you’ll find so many of them in today’s shoe section. My favorites include these boots, penny loafers, and wingtips.
You can find more auctions on eBay using our customized search links. We’ve made them so that you can more easily find high-end suits, good suits, high-quality shirts and fine footwear. 
Suits, sport coats, and blazers

Brown houndstooth sport coat, 38
Brown corduroy sport coat, 40
Brown linen suit, 40
Ralph Lauren striped suit, 42L
Navy cashmere sport coat, 44


Barbour Beaufort, 36
Patrik Ervell Cadet jacket (36, 38)
Black quilted jacket, S
Aero brown horsehide jacket, M
Suede trucker jacket, M
Yellow rain jacket, M
Patrik Ervell field coat, M
Tan overcoat, 42
Wool Kapital jacket, L
Safari jackets, L (1, 2)
Barbour Beaufort (42, 44)
Tan Nigel Cabourn jacket, XL
Olive Engineered Garments Bedford jacket, XL
Engineered Garments green shirt jacket, XL
Brown shearling coat, XL

Sweaters and knits

Tan shawl collar cardigan, L
Grey sweatshirt, XL

Shirts and pants

Navy plaid shirt, S
Red winter flannel, 42 (fits like a slim medium)
Red chambray shirts (M, L)
Plaid Iron Heart shirt, L
Plaid Engineered Garments shirt, L
Velva Sheen t-shirts (S, L, L)
Striped French cuffed dress shirt, 17
3sixteen jeans (32, 33)
Kapital jeans, 34


Crockett & Jones wingtip boots, 7
JM Weston penny loafers, 7
Mark McNairy longwings, 7
Eastland moc toe bluchers, 7.5
Alden shell cordovan wingtip boots, 8 (1, 2)
Quoddy moc toe chukkas, 8
Alden shell cordovan cap toe boots, 8.5
Allen Edmonds shell cordovan penny loafers, 8.5
Brooks Brothers tassel loafers, 8.5
Edward Green quarter brogues, 8.5
Alden chukkas, 9
Alden shell cordovan longwings, 9 (pictured above)
Allen Edmonds penny loafers, 9EEE
Church’s slippers, 9
Ralph Lauren quarter brogues, 9
Florsheim shell cordovan longwings, 9
Church’s black suede bit loafers, 9.5
Crockett & Jones penny loafers, 9.5
RRL work boots, 9.5
Alden shell cordovan chukkas, 10
Crockett & Jones cap toe boots, 10
Crockett & Jones suede chukkas, 10
Alden shell tassel loafers, 10.5
Crockett & Jones suede shortwings, 10.5
Edward Green penny loafers, 10.5
Common Projects Achilles lows, 11
Edward Green suede double monkstraps, 11
Oliver Sweeney sneakers, 11
Peal & Co. suede longwings, 11
Sid Mashburn tassel loafers, 11
Carmina single monkstraps, 11.5
Church’s shortwings, 11.5
Vintage Alden shell cordovan loafers, 11.5
Brooks Brothers shell cordovan tassel loafers, 12
Crockett & Jones cap toe boots, 13
Carmina suede balmoral boots, 13

Blue Drake’s medallion tie
Purple grenadine
Black knit tie
Blue diamond mosaic tie
Blue dotted tie
Red grenadine
Bags, briefcases, and wallets

Nigel Cabourn khaki canvas bag
Black backpack
Navy Filson briefcase


Bucket hat, L
Iron Heart belts, XL (black, brown)
Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses
Checkbook cover

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Who Cares About Baseball Stirrups?
I do, for one. So does Paul Lukas, of the amazing sports uniform blog Uni-Watch. So we enlisted the help of the brilliant Roman Mars, who runs the design and architecture podcast 99% Invisible, and told the story of the stirrup, and why it matters.
I just listened to the finished piece, and it’s a wonderful deep dive into a strange subject about which baseball fans have incredibly strong opinions. You can read, listen and learn more here.
Seriously: I can’t recommend 99% Invisible or Uni-Watch more highly. I’m honored to have worked with them on this.

Welcome to The Club, Mr. Pujols

Albert Pujols: The 26th member of the 500-HR Club.

Albert Pujols: The 26th member of the 500-HR Club.

Albert Pujols: The 26th member of the 500-HR Club.

Albert Pujols: The 26th member of the 500-HR Club.

San Francisco Tilt

Three Rivers Stadium (1970)



Skyfall forever.

In the middle of the jungle • #vscocam

Courtesy @MLB

One of the myths of the game is that Robinson was chosen by Rickey because of his forbearance, his ability to absorb slurs without hitting back.
To anyone who knew him, the notion of Jackie Robinson turning the other cheek, putting up with insults, was laughable. I have never been able to find one veteran chronicler of the early Robinson days who remembers Jackie being anything but truculent and unbending in the face of slurs and insults.
Jackie made sure you treated him as a man. He didn’t suffer fools gladly. … He was as deeply suspicious of the flatterers as he was the bigots.
 Jackie wore no man’s collar. Ever. Long before Rosa Parks, he had refused to move to the back of the bus—in the Army. He was court-martialed. He was acquitted.
I remember once, in a kind of confidential exchange I had with him, I was brash enough to suggest incautiously, “But, Jackie, on the whole, wasn’t there less bigotry and intolerance out there than you expected?”
Jackie fixed me with a glare.
"There shouldn’t have been any,” he said sternly.
You never argued with Jackie Robinson. He made America live up to its promises. [x]

HAVANA – MARCH, 1947. Jackie Robinson, first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers, signs autographs for fans in Havana, Cuba before a spring training game in March of 1947. 
Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images via Metro.us

GPOMJW: Mike and Barry